National Mortgage Company and KfW bank jointly refinance standard mortgage loans for acquisition, renovation and single house construction purposes.

Loan terms are available below.

Purchase loans

Thinking about buying a home?  This type of loan is right for you.

Home mortgage loan terms
Loan amount

Up to AMD 35 million

Loan term Min 10 years
Interest rate Defined by PFI  (average 10.65% annually)
Down payment  Min 30% (min 10%* in case of down payment insurance or additional real estate collateral)
Pledge  Property to be purchased (additional real estate collateral is required, if down payment is less than 30% and the borrower does not have down payment insurance)

*7,5% for single individuals under 30 years old who buy a residential property from a developer․ These loans are refinanced from the Company's own recourses.

Renovation loans

The Company refinances renovation loans with the following terms.

Property Renovation loan terms
Loan amount

Up to AMD 35 million

Loan term Min 5 years
Interest rate  Defined by PFI (average 11.46%, annually)

Property to be renovated


Construction loans

Planning to construct a new home or complete the construction of your house? This type of loan is right for you.

Construction loan terms
Loan amount Up to AMD 35 million
Loan term Min 10 years
Interest rate Defined by PFI (average 11.4% annually)
Pledge Land or the building under construction, additional property


The Company from its own resources also refinances mortgage loans in those cases, when the loan amount is up to AMD 60 million and/or debt to income ratio is 60% at maximum. The mortgage loans has to comply with all the other requirements for standard mortgage loans in order to be eligible for refinancing. Interest rate is defined by the Company’s PFIs and on average is 12.7%.

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