Alert on Consumer Rights Protection

When considering to buy an apartment at buildings that are in process of construction or yet to be constructed, please pay attention to the following circumstances. It is a world practice to pay attention to the stage of completion to avoid possible financial losses in the future. We also call you not to commit prepayment or downpayment without signing a contract and checking the availability of all the proper documentation (project design and construction permits, etc).

Failure to follow the abovementioned precautions may result in considerable risks of financial losses for potential home buyers as they bear all the risks in case the building construction remains unfinished or incomplete:

We also inform that National Mortgage Company periodically reviews the lending terms of its programs to make the loan products more favorable and accessible for population (irrespectively of profession, age, etc). In particular,

  • The required downpayment may amount to 7,5% (instead of 30%), if the borrower is unmarried person below 30-years-old and the apartment is acquired at the primary market. In this case the required loan security should include a second collateral or insurance coverage for the difference of prepaid 7.5% and 30%:
  • Or the downpayment may amount to 10% for all the other borrowers, and the apartment may be acquired both from the primary and secondary markets. In this case the insurance should cover the difference of prepaid 10% and 30%.

In the framework of its operations, National Mortgage Company refinances only loans that qualify the standards of NMC. These standards are primarily designed to protect the rights of buyers-borrowers.

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